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Startling Social

Imagine checking your notifications and seeing that someone has viewed a video you posted. This person is not only not following you, they have you blocked. So how were they able to see your video? A burner account (an account that is only used for the purposes of viewing profiles that person would normally not have access to) allowed access to your profile and everything you've posted.

Using a burner account can often leave a trail. For instance, if you post a TikTok video on Facebook and someone views that video, TikTok will reveal the account information for that viewer. Comparable to snapping a twig in the forest while trying to hide, liking or viewing a post that you should not normally have access to will eventually get you caught.

After you have been caught, the victim tends to feel less safe. Someone is constantly watching and the victim now feels on constant alert. The victim may never know why the other person feels the need to know every single detail about their life. Social media profiles are used to create connections, but the person being stalked would rather not connect with you. Minding your own business and letting them live their life instead of chomping at the bit for their next post will serve you well.

Internet users should never have to live in fear. Placing them in a situation where they have no idea what they can do to stop trouble from finding them puts undue stress on an undeserving person. Before you click on that profile, consider the impact your actions will have on them and how easily you will get caught. What will you say when confronted about your actions?


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