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Spring Sunshine Into Your Feed!

Social media, if used correctly, can be extremely motivational. It can motivate you to start that project you’ve been working on through groups filled with expert advice. It can also inspire you to start a business that shows the world what you are truly passionate about. Negativity runs rampant on social media, but with some tweaks, you can have the positive experience you deserve.

Ridding yourself of negative followers is a great way to add more sunshine into your feed. Content created and shared by negative people can significantly impact your mental health. Don’t be afraid to click the unfollow button on negativity. That button is the start of your path to a positive social media experience.

Comments are able to be deleted for a reason. Negative comments can have a lasting effect on mental health, whether intended or not. You hold the power to remove comments that interfere with your ability to maintain a positive outlook.

Take control of your feed by using your settings to your advantage. Filter negative language, block harmful users, and control tagging settings along with deleting negativity through followers and comments to ensure a positive social media experience that leaves you feeling fulfilled.


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