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Know Your Terms!

Will that post you're about to send violate the social media terms of service? Are you sure?

Content can be censored based on potential harm to other users of the platform. You may truly believe that your post is harmless, but another user may be offended by it or make actions based on your post that could negatively impact their life. Each platform has the responsibility to remove any posts that can cause harm. That responsibility is covered in the terms of service that you agree to when creating an account.

On the flipside, you can create a positive influence and inspiration through your content that will brighten an otherwise dark day. The terms of service are in place to ensure that each user has a positive experience on each platform and that more good than harm comes from the time spent using each platform.

Before you post, take a moment to read through the terms of service for each social media platform. Reforms are in the works to keep up with the current state of the world, and you may be inadvertently violating the terms, which could result in a temporary, or, based on the severity, a permanent ban from the platform that you are using to spread your message. We live in a world where terms of service are brushed over, but being thorough could save you from a ban or embarrassment on your favorite platforms.


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