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We've all contemplated leaving social media for various reasons, mainly drama and spam, but what happens if we actually leave?

Your demographic information is still stored in the database. Even if social media doesn't interest you now, it did at one point. The networks are interested in what interests you so they can show you and similar users the same information.

Social media makes it convenient to update everyone at once about important information instead of sending individual texts or making individual calls. Leaving social media may mean missing important life updates from your friends and family.

Local events are generally posted online to capture a large audience. Unless you're keeping up with your favorite venues and entertainers directly, you may miss notifications of events. Friends may send invitations to group outings via Facebook instead of texting or calling. Will you be left at home while your friends are out having fun?

Leaving social media might be tempting in the moment, but in an internet focused world, the fear of missing out will create a bigger impact than your absence. Before you make the decision to leave, ask yourself how much you'll be missing versus how much you'll be missed.


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