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A Social Media Challenge

Take a day off from social media today. The world has so many interesting things to offer. When was the last time you explored your local park? When was the last time you visited a friend? Connections with people on social media who are outside of your area are needed, but we've lost touch with the outside world.

We network with people all over the world throughout the day, but we have lost touch with the people right outside our front door. Technology has caused us to grow apart from our community and has reduced our social skills.

We have a responsibility to create lives that balance technology with the world around us. Explore the world in person, not just through Google Maps. Go to a concert without taking pictures or video. Spend time with the people you love without looking at your phone. Create a life worthy of posting on social media when the timing is right.

Take time to literally stop and smell the roses. Connect with your surroundings. Take 24 hours away from your phone. You'll be amazed at how refreshed and recharged you'll feel.


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